Halloween 2007
Pirates Vs The Castle

ok the sketch, which was so bad, I crumpled it up and threw it away
maybe we should work from some images.....
bodiam castlecannonimage

What we have to start with...

First, Learn from your mistakes and make the cardboard mounts more "effective". First, affix a large upright board via SCREWS, not nails and use at least two of them to prevent twisting. Then Drill through these posts and zip tie a longer, lighter board to it. Also, put in screws so that the cardboard is held agains the heavy main board. Finally (and you can see it here, but screw in side supports and drill into the bottom supports so you can put in a tent stake inot the board.)


Let's construct the cannons


add some paper mache, and work on some initial assembly
and start putting some pieces up

Ok, its getting late now

Annoyingly, I have to put everything under tarps so the cardboard doesn't get ruinined by the morning dew.

 Day 2
let's start putting it all together

I think the back needs a window....

Much better

Now, that pirate ship from last year, which I stuffed in my attic, might need a little work

It was pretty fun, several of the neighbor kids, and then their parents, came over to paint. It was absolute pandemonium. Grey, black, paint everywhere, a paint brush for all.

Those look like cannons!

Now, those are supposed to be bricks

And after, many, many hours of brick laying....

Some minor touch ups....

What does it look like with the cannon loaded...

Show Time
Time to get into Costume
first the pirate crew....

I think we need more light, but here is the set

Show time, well, actually play time for all the kids

And without further adiue, here are the videos
Full Movie Uncut

and for all the sound stuff here