Halloween ‘06

(Past Halloweens www.crazywizardguy.com )


Idea: turn my front yard into a pirate ship.


Ok, first the front yard….

(insert front yard picture)


First I try to hand draw everything, hmmm, no so easy.

(insert hand sketches)


How about some visuals ….

Btw, these waters are know known as the shoals of Costco (best place to buy large cheap blue tarps)



Ok, how about some measurements and a useful sketch…. (That thick line is 2feet)


Start Construction, thanks for all the cardboard


The local kids in the neighborhood helped me size and cut the large pieces, as well as gave good advice. I thought that simple ½ X 1 board would hold it up.

Ok, so after the first collapse, I try large boards.Well that kinda works, but I was using nails on old wood, small breezes simply work the nails out of the wood. So I try screws instead


(insert mount picture)


Btw, the saw horse suck, they collapse easily, I don’t know why anyone would buy them

Pirate flag pole


Ok, the second assembly didn’t work either. Turns out cardboard doesn’t hold up with simple staples, or carpet tacks, crap, or small nails.

But Zip ties….that works


Ok how about we add some fun stuff



Ok, lets paint



Ok, now I need sound effects….

Check out this page for the sounds…






Ok, so I started the costume on Saturday night, at like 10pm

Sorry I didn’t get any pictures during the creation but

Here is what it was supposed to look like


And here is how far I got

Note I finished the button holes at 6:30am Oct 31’st

Note: I had to improvise and didn’t finish the hem lines, but it gives it an authentic look


You know clip on earring frackin’ hurt, maybe piercing would be easier



Ok, start to get in character…Land Ho, lower the anchor





Ok, finally, here are the videos

I would suggest saving them to your desktop to avoid choppyness


PirateVsViking.MPG  (I think this one has the cannon firing)



walk the plank.MPG (short video of kids walking the plank)